Mark and Debra,

By this email, I would like to introduce you to Chris Salter, Owner and President of H20 Profesionales Internacionales in La Paz. Chris is by far the most experienced and knowledgable guy I have ever met regarding Desal and water purification systems.

He can be a huge asset for you all regarding the Desal System for Villas del Mar. His understanding of how to design the best system for the best entry price, plus design a system that requires less to maintain is outstanding.

Feel free to contact Chris at your convenience. You will find that he is a wealth of quality information.

His contact info is:

Chris Salter
H20 Profesionales Internacionales
612-157-7695 Cell

See you all this week.

-- Chris Snell
   Snell Real Estate
* * *

Hi Chris

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the Blue Angel total house water treatment system you installed for me. It works great.  It is so nice to be able to drink the water from any tap in the house and not worry about it at all.  I do not ever buy bottled water anymore.

The system has been in place now for almost 4 years and I have just changed the filter cartridges for the first time. You cleaned them once for me a couple of years ago but that is all the maintenance that the system has ever needed. It is a great system that I would highly recommend to everyone in BCS.

One very satisfied customer

-- Jack Miller
* * *

       Mr. Jonathan Roldan,
            I am building a house here in La Paz and my client is considering installingl
        a Blue Angel water filter from Chris at Agua de Baja.
            He gave me your e-mail address so I could contact you and get your side of the story
        on how it's working for you. I'm specially interested in your feelings about the
        Scale Stop part of the filter, seeing how hard the water is here In La Paz and how
        it affects fawcets and shower heads.
            Any information positive or negative will be greatly appreciated,
        Thanks for your help,
        Best Regards,
        Peter C. Schalkwijk

Hi Peter!
We've had the water system here at the restaurant since we opened 3 years ago and have been nothing more than happy with the system, the quality and Chris' service.  As a busy restaurant and fish packing operation, we use a lot more water than a residence and we're open 7 a.m. until after midnight 7 days a week. We go through a ton of water cooking, cleaning…even our restroom water goes through the system (gotta protect the pipes and porcelain!).  So, we put the filters through hard time usage!

When Chris has come to replace filters, I'm amazed at what the filters stop!  The ordinary water here in La Paz is actually pretty good.  It's hard, but drinkable and by all standards not objectionable at all. But having Chris' system as a back up just makes everything even better.  For the first year, we had a secondary system ahead of Chris' system.  It was supposed to "catch everything."  But Chris' system set up AFTER the primary system caught even more stuff and it was amazing what passed through the other filter.  Now, we just use Chris system. 

Chris is always on top of our system and checks it.  His maintenance and expertise has been stellar.  I've recommended the system to other friends and associates who have moved here and everyone has been happy.

Also…did I mention it makes the water taste better?  And the food it's cooked in and when used for coffee and tea and juices…EXCELLENT!

Hope that helps!

-- Jonathan Roldan's
Tailhunter International
* * *

Chris and the staff at Agua de Baja were very helpful and efficient at installing our condo's water system. It's only been a week since we had it installed but we already love it! It is so much nicer to be able to wash our clothes, shower, and brush our teeth in water that we know is clean. By far the biggest improvement has been being able to drink water straight from the tap instead of having to buy jug after jug of water from the store. The water tastes great and we know that by not having to continue buying bottled water the system will pay for itself. Thanks again for your friendly and professional help! We will definitely be recommending your services!!

-- Shannon Courney
* * *
Hola Alicia,

It was good to see Chris the other day and so glad that all is well with the system. We love it! It makes a huge difference . From washing our hair, skin & clothes, the dog, our cars, you name it!! We lived here at a rental for 2 years and the water was so harsh, it ruined clothes and our hair was really dry and you never felt clean.  It's also great not to have to fill a bowl with bottled water to wash veggies,or try to brush your teeth, etc. The bottles were heavy and costly, so it's  nice not to have to deal with them. We just turn on the faucet and have a drink!  We all highly recommend your products!! The system has already paid for itself!

Thanks for an excellent product and reliable service!
Hope to see you both soon,

-- The Morgans

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