Chubb Michaud
Chubb Michaud is the CEO and Technical Director of Systematix Company located in Buena Park, CA and has over 30 years of field experience in water and fluid treatment applications and system design.  He holds several U.S. Patents on water purification processes. 

An active member of the Water Quality Association, Chubb has served on their Board of Directors and Board of Governors, chaired several committees and sections and currently is active in a variety of task forces and continued education. 

He is a WQA Certified Water Specialist Level VI.  Chubb is currently on the Board of Directors of the Pacific WQA where he had chaired the Technical and Education Committees for the past eight years.
Chubb received the PWQA Robert Gans Award in 1992 and the Award of Merit from WQA in 2000 in recognition of his ongoing technical contributions to the industry.  He was inducted into the PWQA prestigious Hall of Fame in 2007. 

A founding member of the Technical Review Committee for Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine, he continues to serve on that body and has authored over 100 technical publications and papers.

Michaud is a Professional Court Witness on many aspects of Water and Waste Water Treatment issues.

Michaud is a graduate of the University of Maine with BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering. 
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