The articles listed below reflect some of the current trends in the water conditioning and purification industry. Authors include our own in house expert,
Chris Salter, as well as other industry leaders.
Bringing Arsenic Down to Safe Levels in Your Water (CF "Chubb" Michaud, Dec 2014)
Difficult to Treat La Ventana Area Water (Chris Salter, The Baja Citizen, April 2013)
The Baja Citizen Business Spotlight (Jim Donahoe, February 2013)
Optional Cartridge Provides Protection Against Arsenic (Chris Salter, April, 2012)
Drinking Water Contaminants (Part One) (Chris Salter, November, 2011)
Local Water Treatment Options (Chris Salter, October, 2010)
Hard Water...Don't you just hate it? (The Baja Citizen, April 6, 2009)
A Cloud Comes With Every Silver Lining (Chris Salter, Los Cabos News, June, 2009)
La Paz Company wins Prestigious International Business Award (The Baja Citizen, September 21, 2009)
Understanding the Need for Water Treatment (Charles "Chubb" Michaud)
The Proven Scale Prevention Report (presented by Dr. Peter Fox, Arizona State University)

New at Agua de Baja!
An important article rergarding the proposed La Paz desalination plant 
Proposed City of La Paz Desalination Plant (Chris Salter, February, 2011)

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