HARD WATER…don’t you just hate it?
The Baja Citizen, April 2009

Hard water…don’t you just hate it? It’s a universal problem in Baja Sur.  Sure, one can buy one of those “Culligan-esque” water softeners with an under-the-sink RO (Reverse Osmosis) system to remove the salt, and most of everything else; from of our drinking water for around $4,500.00 and up…plenty of people in Los Cabo want to sell you this stuff.  However, these are not good things in Baja Sur as the RO systems send about 90-95% of our most precious resource straight down the drain, and the last thing our much maligned, and under-funded, Water Utility companies need is a barrage of Salt sent back in the waste and sewerage water.  California voted to ban Water Softeners for this very reason in the last election, but the Terminator vetoed it!

Well, at last there appears to be a solution. A bunch of real water treatment professionals in La Paz have come up with a State-of-the-Art Whole House water treatment system that removes up to 99.999% of those nasty little virus, bacteria, algae and cysts, and, along with other contaminants, it prevents the calcium carbonate from creating the lime-scale build-up in your plumbing; hot water boiler; washing machine; dishwasher, and causes all of those white spots on bathroom tiles, faucets and drinking glasses after you’ve rinsed them.

Better still, they say that within a few weeks or so, the water produced by the system, which was specifically designed by their Senior Technical Experts for the Municipal and Well water of La Paz and BCS, will actually gradually remove your the existing lime-scale….just watch your water heating bills drop as this lime-scale is a really bad conductor of heat.  Think: luxurious showers (at last), soft-washed linens, and you will be able to brush your teeth in the bathroom with safety and impunity.

The system is delivered and installed for around $1,599, which is less than a third of the price of a Water Softener and RO system.  If you enter into a low-cost service contract they will comprehensively guarantee the systems for five-years, which includes regular service visits and the replacement of the treatment cartridges and media as and when it is needed.  If you have lousy water pressure, low-cost booster pumps are also available.

They are also the Authorized Sales and Service Center for Severn Trent Services, a subsidiary of the US$6 billion regulated British Water Utility Company, Seven Trent Plc.  Severn Trent Services has built and installed over 30% of all the major Desalination Plants in Mexico, and, unlike the ill-fated Los Cabo Desalination Plant, all of them actually work.

For example, Water Treatment Plants and Equipment from Severn Trent Services deliver over 45 million gallons of water each and every day, to the Strawberry growers up in San Quintin in the north end of the Baja.

They plan to open in Loreto, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose later this year, but if you can’t wait, we recommend that next time you visit La Paz for some of those great fish-tacos; you should stop by and check them out.  The company is called H2O Profesionales Internacionales, S.A. de C.V. and you can find them on the Malecon between Torre Iglesia and Salvatierra. (www.aguadebaja.com).
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