Everything in water, that is not water, is a contaminant. Not all contaminants are harmful. However, many are undesirable. Pure water is aggressive and will always try to balance itself with the natural environment and nature. Therefore, water will endeavour to collect little parts of everything that it comes into contact with.

The water in our seas and oceans are a great history book as they still contain something of everything from the time of the world’s creation that ever existed on our planet. Some people even claim water has a memory.
Dealing with Baja’s Hard Water

Municipal water in Mexico can sometimes contain some degree of pathogenic contaminants and other non-pathogenic contaminants which can cause the water to be excessively hard. 

Consequently, household plumbing, hot water boilers and shower-heads will soon have a quite heavy lime-scale coating. White spots will appear on glasses and dishes; shower water will be extremely unfriendly on the hair & skin, and the water will be quite hostile to clothes, during the washing process.
The Solution:
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